4 Things Every Sagittarius Says


If there was ever one thing you needed to know about a Sagittarius, it’s that they are notorious for their sharp tongues. These people think a little too quickly on their feet and have the golden gift of gab.

If you’ve been lucky enough to really get to know a Sag, I’m sure you can agree that they will keep you on your toes with their snappy clap backs and opinionated perspectives.

You have to have extra thick skin and one hell of a sense of humor if you plan to befriend this sign. Lucky for you, I’ve experienced more Sagittarius than I care to recount. So, to give you an idea of what you’re up against, I’ve devised a little list of things that you can almost count on any sassy Sagittarius to say, male or female. Just to help lessen the blow a little, you know?

Now, let me introduce you to the most uncensored sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius!

“It Is What It Is”

You will almost ALWAYS hear a Sagittarius say this line. This pretty much sums up their personality in a nutshell. Sagittarius are known for being that brutally honest friend that will tell it like it is, even when–  no, especially when you didn’t ask. This sign simply doesn’t hold back their thoughts which can hurt or intimidate the people around them. And when you confront them about their unwanted honesty, their response is never an apology. Just a shrug of the shoulders and a dry “it is what it is”. Everybody can’t handle the truth, Sag. A lot of people can’t actually so good luck with that!

“I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About”

Whew Chile! This is should be number one. I love my Sagittarius people but they have a hard time accepting accountability when they’ve messed up. They fail to acknowledge the part they play in any situation that’s not in their favor. Somehow, it’s always your fault. They did this because you did that. If your Sagittarius ever hits you with “I don’t know what you’re talking about”, just know they know exactly what you’re talking about. They just want to know what it is that you think you know. And if you’re not able to spot this tried and true act from your Sagittarius, they will get you every time.

“That Ain’t Got Nothing To Do With Me!”

A Sag’s name is Bennet and they ain’t never in it! Or, at least that’s what they like to think. A Sagittarius is one of the coolest signs to hang around, but let’s face it, they can be a tad bit self-centered, especially when they’re going through something or God forbid, it’s their birthday! They’re just not interested in what you have going on if it doesn’t concern them in some way. This can be a little frustrating to lovers and friends of this sign because they easily come off as selfish and like a borderline user. Though they may never admit it, this is often how they lose friendships.

“Look, I Gotta Go”

A Sagittarius lives life on the go, one foot out the door and any other saying that expresses the freedom that Sag’s symbolize. Rather you’re out to lunch with a Sag or chatting over the phone, please believe that they will be ending the conversation with a “look, I gotta go” within a short amount of time. That’s just what they do. They are truly busy bees and will always be the first one to leave the party. Even if they don’t have anything else to do, you’d never know, because a Sag knows exactly how to make themselves seem and look important.

They will keep you guessing with their “I gotta go” demeanor, wondering just where and what they have to do that’s so important that they have to leave the party two and half hours earlier than everyone else. All I can say is keep guessing because a Sag will never tell. Every now again, they’ll invite you on their spur of the moment adventures, but if you turn them down, even once, they will never ask again and you’ll just be looking from the sidelines, along with everybody else they left at the party.

Author: The Media Milf

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