Spring Equinox, Meet Corona!

Learn ways to embrace Spring in quarantine!

The Spring equinox, also known as March Equinox or Vernal Equinox, marks the beginning of Spring every year. Spring equinoxes usually begin on either the 19th, 20th or 21st of March.  But this year, it will be starting on the 19th at 11:49pm, making it the first time in 124 years.

Scientifically, a Spring Equinox is basically when the Sun moves North, or up, the equator instead of across it. And when it moves south, or down, the equator, it’s known as the Autumnal equinox, signifying Fall. 

Spring, in general represents releasing and renewal hence Spring cleaning. Taking out the old to prepare for the new. However, Spring is set up a little different this year due this Corona virus scare. So, we’ll have to welcome Spring in a ‘no contact’ kind of way which sucks. But, that’s ok! Being alone or keeping company to minimum during the Spring equinox is not a bad idea. In fact, releasing and renewing in solitude is actually the best way to manifest exactly what you want because you’ll be focused, no distractions or confused energy. You’ll be able to really identify your “leaky faucets” in the silence, then accurately assess the problem and provide a foolproof solution. It’s hard to do those things when you have to entertain (and feed) Joe, Schmo and Moe.

On the day of the Spring Equinox, the amount of daylight is equivalent to the amount of night time.  But, if I do spill some tea myself, daylight will actually be slightly longer than night by several minutes this year due to the shape of the Earth. But, you get the idea right? Let me add that this introduces a common spring theme, balance.

So, I created a list of things you can do during this reclusive Spring equinox quarantine to still embrace this Spring without compromising your health!

Create A Vision Board. 

This doesn’t have to be “sister circle professional” vision boarding. Just use what you have at home. I am not going to be the reason you’re going to Micheals in these conditions. But, use some old or new magazines and cut out words and pictures that resonate or that you want to resonate with you this Spring 2020. Capture how you want to look, feel and be and over time,  watch it develop right before your eyes.

Clean Out Your Closet, Cabinets, Phone etc.

You should have seen this one coming! They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing. Rather you’re swapping out winter clothes for Spring or just getting rid of things you don’t wear anymore, just get rid of the access. In fact, cleaning out EVERYTHING is strongly encouraged. For instance, I just cleaned out my refrigerator, my kitchen cabinets, re-organized my coat closet and my “hair bag” (yes I have a hair bag) cuz you know sis lives for a good wig!

Sage Your Entire House & Yourself.

Prepare for a Spring filled with amazing energy by cleansing away old vibes and welcoming the new ones.  If sage isn’t your thing (which it should be by now because it’s everybodys thing) you can always substitute that out for burning candles instead while saying your affirmations and prayer.

Cross Something Off Your Bucket/To-do List.

I know you’ve got one. Most of us created this list from New Years. I know I did and it was quite lengthy. And during this qurantine, I realized that a lot of it, I could start on right here in the loneliness of my own home. Like for instance I’ve been wanting to catch up on writing, both blogging and novel writing. So what did I do? I wrote the 1st chapter of my book and my 1st blog post in over a year. Thanks Corona!

Create or Revamp Your Schedule.

Take a look at your schedule again to see where you can improve your time, add a new thing or take away one that no longer serves your purpose. Personally for me, I’m not big on sticking to the script per say,  but I do like to utilize my time as much and as productively as possible. So for once in my life I’m going to start new habit of having and sticking to a schedule to ensure I’m making the most out of my time and self.


Ha! (I can just feel the blank stares) That’s right, I said it. DETOX. That means no liquor, no drugs, no sex. OK, clearly I went to far with the no sex thing but you get my drift. Whatever your vice is,  whatever you overly- indulge in, try to take a break during this quarantine, at least. 

7 Reasons Why You Need A Libra On Your Team

I hate to say good-bye to one of the most popping signs of the zodiac but Virgo season has come to an end, just like our last days of summer.

In with Fall comes the vibrant, cool breeze of those lucky Libras. And trust me, they don’t call them lucky for no reason.


This particular sign resonates with me, not because I’m one myself, but because some of the most important people in my life are. There’s nothing about a Libra that I haven’t experienced firsthand. Being raised by one and having a Libra best friend of 15 years, definitely qualifies me, in my book, as a Libran expert!

Make no mistakes about it, Librans definitely have their ways as any and every other sign does, but they are truly amazing people.

Check out the 7 reasons why everyone needs a Libra on their team!

1. They give you more than one chance.

In love and friendship, though they hate to admit it, they don’t mind handing out passes when someone has turned them sour. They believe in forgiveness and though they never forget, they get over things awfully quick. This sign represents balance and harmony so this is how they prefer things and the people around them, peaceful.

9/10 times when a Libra forgives and gives you another chance, they’re doing it for themselves, not you! So, if you’re known for not being that great of a friend or lover, go get you a Libra. They’ll tolerate your shit as they try to whip you into shape.

2. They’re fair

They make great mediators so always have a Libra around when you’re trying to get to the bottom of something with someone. They have the ability to remain neutral while helping both sides make their point in a respectful way. There’s always two sides to a story and the truth and Libras will find that truth.

No matter if you’re their best friend, parent or boss, they will be fair to you and with you regardless of who you all are in the presence of. You can count on that.

3. Oh, they keep it real real!

Although this sign comes off as delicate and innocent, the mouths on these people are scary. If you’ve never been cursed out by a Libra, do me a favor and DON’T! That sweet smile goes out the window and satan suddenly appears spewing fire from the pit of his gut. Yeah, it’s that bad.

But, it’s only when a Libra truly loves you that they will be brutally honest with you and tell it like it is. Librans are known for having an uncensored mouth so the things they say either ends making you laugh or cry. Who doesn’t want someone on their team who’s going to tell you your ideas suck when they really do?

4. They’re nice to look at

Usually a Libra is super cute/handsome with impeccable style and taste. They have “that eye” for nice things so they make a perfect date for any event you invite them to. They tend to be the life of the party, flashing that perfect smile and batting those long lashes everywhere at everyone. They will be nicely dressed, charming the pants off whoever they’re talking to. Want to seal the deal with those higher ups? Well, bring along your Libra friend and watch as they use their looks, charm and style to help win hearts over. Just don’t forget to thank them later! No, seriously you better say thank you or else…

5. They’re freaks with a capital F. R. E. A. K. S

Naturally, Librans are creative and expressive people. They show their love and appreciation through expressions of affection, intimacy and let’s just say it, SEX! This is a sign that doesn’t hold back in the bedroom and will try anything at least twice. Even if it’s something they aren’t really into, they will continue to do it or allow you to do it if they know it makes you happy; they’re the ultimate pleasers. This is the sign that’s down with the threesomes, public sex, fetishes, remember I said they’re open. Needless to say, they are selfless lovers who embrace experimentation because they simply enjoy loving others how they want to be loved; freely and passionately. Librans are the definition of spice so you can count on them to be up to something hot and wild with some forbidden fruit.

6. They have that “eye” for nice things.

If you have any sort of project that needs creative direction, Libras are your go-to people. They naturally have a keen eye for great visuals and always do things on a grand scale. Careers in photography, modeling, event planning and interior designing are usually taken up by Librans. They do not believe in mediocracy so everything they do has to be a major production. Rather you want to revamp your wardrobe, apartment or website, count on a Librans exquisite taste to get the job done right.

7. They’re Funny ASF

The funny bone in these people is definitely strong and long. They’re sensitive, yes, but they know how to tell a good joke. Libras are the kind of people you can share a much-needed laugh with, like a real laugh, the one where you’re bent over drooling at the mouth , can’t breathe because your stomach is so tight. We all know that kind of laughing is good for the soul. They will have you wondering why they’re not on someone’s stage sharing that unintentional humor with the world. If you don’t believe me, think about some celebrity Libras (Snoop Dogg, Cardi B, Will Smith) and convince me they’re not funny. I’ll wait!

Now do you see why they call them Lucky Libras? They simply have it all; looks, brains and a good heart. Do yourself a solid and get a Libra by your side. You can’t go wrong!

What You Need To Leave In 2018 Based on Your Sign

Going into a new year is always bitter sweet. It’s time to re-evaluate all the ups, the downs and the in-betweens and start making necessary adjustments. It’s another chance to re-do things bigger, better and more bossed up than the year before. Every bad habit, iffy friendship, or dead-end job now has a legit reason to be a thing of the past (as if they needed another reason.)

But, how can you improve and become a better you if you’re unaware, or even worse, are in denial about some of your not so nice qualities?

We all have them. It’s inevitable but that doesn’t mean we have to succumb to them by ignoring or denying that they’re there.

Remember, you have to know yourself in order to grow yourself. And as always, I’m here to help!

Here’s a list of what every zodiac sign needs to leave in 2018 and some much needed resolutions for a better you in the new year.


You don’t know what to say out of your mouth! You can be very harsh with your words when you don’t even mean to. Just imagine when you’re really trying to hurt someone’s feelings. It’s what you say and how you say it. Encouraging words go a long way, longer than you may think!

For 2019 try being a bit more sensitive. Put yourself in the shoes of others more often and try to empathize with those that confide in you. Have a heart in 2019 and you will see how others appreciate the change.


You’re steadily complaining about your situation. You’re stuck, but you can’t seem to make the necessary moves to change your circumstances. You come up with amazing ideas, but execution is where you always fall short. You tend to waste your potential on the wrong people and things. Your complacency will leave you behind right along with 2018.

All of 2019, you need to spend your time and energy making moves to better your situation. Rather it’s financial, emotional, whatever, you have to get moving. Staying still does nothing for you but allow negative thoughts to consume your energy. Stay active, write down ideas and emotions. Start that new business you’ve been thinking about, finally record that song your wrote like two years ago, hit the gym. Just get up, get out and do something! Once you get on the move, it will be impossible to slow you down.


People feel like you can’t be trusted. You have a way of throwing people off with slick comments or unusual habits.You have a tendency to give a compliment and an insult all in the same sentence. Most people aren’t astrologist so they don’t know that you are just naturally a unique individual. To others, you come across as sneaky and a bit envious.

Try being more transparent and genuine in 2019. Make people feel like they can depend on you because you’ll actually be there. Compromise with the ones you love so that they get what they need from you emotionally and vice versa. Try not to be so shady. Give compliments and actually mean them, call to genuinely check on a friend and want anything in return. Don’t be afraid to show people the good in you.


You live in the past and it hinders your present. You get so caught up with who did what back then that you forget about all the blessings currently surrounding you. Every one has a story, you’re no exception. But if you let what you’ve been through, what you didn’t have, or who didn’t love you in the past jade you to the point of complete brokenness then you will never appreciate where you’ve gotten in life and you surely won’t be going too far in the future.

Live in the present for 2019. For once, silence your memory and focus more on the action of creating memories instead. Stop and look around you. Notice where you are in life now, at this very moment, and appreciate all that has contributed to your journey. Life is going to continue to keep happening so you might as well start enjoying it while you can.


Your entitled attitude is turning people off. You have a way of making people feel like they are indebted to you, emotionally, financially, even sexually sometimes. Everything doesn’t have to go your way. You make people feel like pawns in your grand scheme and if they don’t play their position and mess up your plan, they owe you their life. Forever.

Try stepping down off your high horse for 2019. Lower those high standards you’re holding everyone to and try accepting people for who they truly are, and not who you’re trying to shape them to be.


You tend to overextend yourself to others, especially those who aren’t deserving of all your kind services. Unappreciative people can make you bitter which causes you to act out. And let’s face it, you can be mean. Like, really mean.

In 2019, let go of the people or things that are taking your kindness for weakness. After a while, you’re not going to be able to blame other people for why your bitter attitude.


If you’re not complaining about this, I can bet my last dollar you’re nagging about that. You have people running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to do and find things to wow you. But it never works because you are unappeasable. You make people not even want to try anymore.

Every time you go to complain, say something positive instead, all throughout 2019. It takes some practice and getting it wrong a few times but manifestation is real and eventually it’ll stick.


You have been poking the bear and provoking people all year. You specialize in stirring the pot. Instigating comes as natural to you as lying does, which is another problem of yours. You love getting a rise out of people. People start to notice that when there’s drama, there’s a Scorpio. Then when confronted, you deny, deny, deny or just flat out lie, lie, lie!

You have to simply mind your business for 2019. This year, focus on not being in the middle of literally, everything. This way, you don’t have to lie or deny. Your focus should be on more productive things like improving your self-care regimen or finally getting that job with amazing pay.


You haven’t been practicing what you preach. All year you’ve been telling people what’s going wrong in their lives but haven’t been forth coming about the turmoil you’ve been dealing with in your own life. You make people believe that your stuff just doesn’t stink. Little do they know, it’s stinks just as bad as everyone else’s. You hold on to your deepest, darkest secret and will go great lengths to keep it that way, but will pry information out of others and then judge them as if you can’t relate.

In 2019 it’s imperative that you either stop judging people for their mishaps or reveal your own indiscretions to be fair. Just remember that when people find out all that you’ve been hiding all while you’ve been outing everyone else’s business, they’re going to be pretty pissed.


If you don’t start to control that temper and that mouth, things will end badly for you. It doesn’t take much to get you riled up and then you absolutely lose it. This is never good, because after it’s all said and done, you always tend to regret your actions.

Make meditation and prayer major for you in 2019. The only way to contain your type of anger is to become more spiritually aware of yourself and the world around you. Meditation helps you center your emotions and build up a spiritual and mental calm within yourself that eventually leads to a total change in temperament. Prayer builds a relationship with your higher power. Ask for what you want, in this case, what you need, and that’s help with your anger.


Your stubbornness has caused you to lose out on some really good people and opportunities. When your mind is made up, that’s it. There’s nothing no one can say or do to change that. This leads to you walking around with a chip on your shoulder that you will never even acknowledge is there.

It’s hard for you to open up sometimes because emotions make you feel weak. But, 2019 is definitely the year to simply allow yourself to feel. Show emotion, give love, smile, hug and be loved. Everyone will love this vulnerable side of you.


You cant keep pretending like you don’t know what’s going on around you just because you don’t want to deal with reality. Living in your own bubble doesn’t make the world stop turning. Avoiding things that are happening to and around you is a sure way to kick your 2019 off to a bad start.

Get more engaged in the world outside of your bubble. Try not to sleep life away or tune out the noise of the world. In your case, you need distractions from your own mind so you can finally see who and what is going on all around you, or the lack thereof.

4 Things Every Sagittarius Says


If there was ever one thing you needed to know about a Sagittarius, it’s that they are notorious for their sharp tongues. These people think a little too quickly on their feet and have the golden gift of gab.

If you’ve been lucky enough to really get to know a Sag, I’m sure you can agree that they will keep you on your toes with their snappy clap backs and opinionated perspectives.

You have to have extra thick skin and one hell of a sense of humor if you plan to befriend this sign. Lucky for you, I’ve experienced more Sagittarius than I care to recount. So, to give you an idea of what you’re up against, I’ve devised a little list of things that you can almost count on any sassy Sagittarius to say, male or female. Just to help lessen the blow a little, you know?

Now, let me introduce you to the most uncensored sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius!

“It Is What It Is”

You will almost ALWAYS hear a Sagittarius say this line. This pretty much sums up their personality in a nutshell. Sagittarius are known for being that brutally honest friend that will tell it like it is, even when–  no, especially when you didn’t ask. This sign simply doesn’t hold back their thoughts which can hurt or intimidate the people around them. And when you confront them about their unwanted honesty, their response is never an apology. Just a shrug of the shoulders and a dry “it is what it is”. Everybody can’t handle the truth, Sag. A lot of people can’t actually so good luck with that!

“I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About”

Whew Chile! This is should be number one. I love my Sagittarius people but they have a hard time accepting accountability when they’ve messed up. They fail to acknowledge the part they play in any situation that’s not in their favor. Somehow, it’s always your fault. They did this because you did that. If your Sagittarius ever hits you with “I don’t know what you’re talking about”, just know they know exactly what you’re talking about. They just want to know what it is that you think you know. And if you’re not able to spot this tried and true act from your Sagittarius, they will get you every time.

“That Ain’t Got Nothing To Do With Me!”

A Sag’s name is Bennet and they ain’t never in it! Or, at least that’s what they like to think. A Sagittarius is one of the coolest signs to hang around, but let’s face it, they can be a tad bit self-centered, especially when they’re going through something or God forbid, it’s their birthday! They’re just not interested in what you have going on if it doesn’t concern them in some way. This can be a little frustrating to lovers and friends of this sign because they easily come off as selfish and like a borderline user. Though they may never admit it, this is often how they lose friendships.

“Look, I Gotta Go”

A Sagittarius lives life on the go, one foot out the door and any other saying that expresses the freedom that Sag’s symbolize. Rather you’re out to lunch with a Sag or chatting over the phone, please believe that they will be ending the conversation with a “look, I gotta go” within a short amount of time. That’s just what they do. They are truly busy bees and will always be the first one to leave the party. Even if they don’t have anything else to do, you’d never know, because a Sag knows exactly how to make themselves seem and look important.

They will keep you guessing with their “I gotta go” demeanor, wondering just where and what they have to do that’s so important that they have to leave the party two and half hours earlier than everyone else. All I can say is keep guessing because a Sag will never tell. Every now again, they’ll invite you on their spur of the moment adventures, but if you turn them down, even once, they will never ask again and you’ll just be looking from the sidelines, along with everybody else they left at the party.

J’Moris “RnB” EP

jmoris rnb pic

The temperature isn’t the only thing heating up Texas. Born in Fort Worth and raised in Hillsboro, rapper J’Moris is relentlessly making a name for himself, not only in his own city but up and down the east coast, and the buzz has finally made its way to the DMV.

As if his last album “Extra” wasn’t an entire vibe (which still is in heavy rotation on my playlist), he’s hit us with yet another hustle inspiring 6 song EP entitled “RnB”. But this time, J’Moris unveils a more intimate side of himself with songs like the album titled “RnB” and “Lights Down”. Let’s just say, he’s as well versed behind bedroom doors as he is in the studio ladies! (wink wink)

Nonetheless, J’Moris never forgets where he comes from and makes sure to always pay tribute through reiteration of memorable lyrics describing his upbringing like “hard life, street life made a man, sold dope to maf**kin kin” (from “Pretend”)

Jmoris Looking Left

His raw yet relaxed and intentional lyrics always seems to pair flawlessly with a well-produced, catchy trap beat that’s drizzled with a little southern drawl.

The projection in his tone demands your attention. The beat peaks your interest.  However, it’s his unique but relatable perspective that keeps you hanging on to his every word during this entire album.

Never ashamed of his struggle and addicted to his hustle, “RnB” is definitely inspiration for those on an unstoppable grind of any kind and will certainly help you “Get To The Money”  just like the title of one of the hottest songs on “RnB”.

Off the tracks, the best way to describe J’moris’s personality is humble and hungry. Just dont get his laid back demeanor and rap style confused for anything other than just that. He’s beyond aware of self and his surroundings and has learned some valuable life lessons at an early age. “Letting my emotions consume me during hard times would cause failure” he explains when asked if he’s really as calm as he let’s off.

“Everything I rap about is true” he vows. And judging by the conviction in his lyrics, it’s not hard to believe.

Things can only get better for J’ Moris and if he continues to consistently feed the strong momentum he’s building, his future is limitless. And in today’s new sound of mumble rap, J’moris’s effortless lyrical transparency is refreshing and more appreciated than he may know.