What You Need To Leave In 2018 Based on Your Sign

Going into a new year is always bitter sweet. It’s time to re-evaluate all the ups, the downs and the in-betweens and start making necessary adjustments. It’s another chance to re-do things bigger, better and more bossed up than the year before. Every bad habit, iffy friendship, or dead-end job now has a legit reason to be a thing of the past (as if they needed another reason.)

But, how can you improve and become a better you if you’re unaware, or even worse, are in denial about some of your not so nice qualities?

We all have them. It’s inevitable but that doesn’t mean we have to succumb to them by ignoring or denying that they’re there.

Remember, you have to know yourself in order to grow yourself. And as always, I’m here to help!

Here’s a list of what every zodiac sign needs to leave in 2018 and some much needed resolutions for a better you in the new year.


You don’t know what to say out of your mouth! You can be very harsh with your words when you don’t even mean to. Just imagine when you’re really trying to hurt someone’s feelings. It’s what you say and how you say it. Encouraging words go a long way, longer than you may think!

For 2019 try being a bit more sensitive. Put yourself in the shoes of others more often and try to empathize with those that confide in you. Have a heart in 2019 and you will see how others appreciate the change.


You’re steadily complaining about your situation. You’re stuck, but you can’t seem to make the necessary moves to change your circumstances. You come up with amazing ideas, but execution is where you always fall short. You tend to waste your potential on the wrong people and things. Your complacency will leave you behind right along with 2018.

All of 2019, you need to spend your time and energy making moves to better your situation. Rather it’s financial, emotional, whatever, you have to get moving. Staying still does nothing for you but allow negative thoughts to consume your energy. Stay active, write down ideas and emotions. Start that new business you’ve been thinking about, finally record that song your wrote like two years ago, hit the gym. Just get up, get out and do something! Once you get on the move, it will be impossible to slow you down.


People feel like you can’t be trusted. You have a way of throwing people off with slick comments or unusual habits.You have a tendency to give a compliment and an insult all in the same sentence. Most people aren’t astrologist so they don’t know that you are just naturally a unique individual. To others, you come across as sneaky and a bit envious.

Try being more transparent and genuine in 2019. Make people feel like they can depend on you because you’ll actually be there. Compromise with the ones you love so that they get what they need from you emotionally and vice versa. Try not to be so shady. Give compliments and actually mean them, call to genuinely check on a friend and want anything in return. Don’t be afraid to show people the good in you.


You live in the past and it hinders your present. You get so caught up with who did what back then that you forget about all the blessings currently surrounding you. Every one has a story, you’re no exception. But if you let what you’ve been through, what you didn’t have, or who didn’t love you in the past jade you to the point of complete brokenness then you will never appreciate where you’ve gotten in life and you surely won’t be going too far in the future.

Live in the present for 2019. For once, silence your memory and focus more on the action of creating memories instead. Stop and look around you. Notice where you are in life now, at this very moment, and appreciate all that has contributed to your journey. Life is going to continue to keep happening so you might as well start enjoying it while you can.


Your entitled attitude is turning people off. You have a way of making people feel like they are indebted to you, emotionally, financially, even sexually sometimes. Everything doesn’t have to go your way. You make people feel like pawns in your grand scheme and if they don’t play their position and mess up your plan, they owe you their life. Forever.

Try stepping down off your high horse for 2019. Lower those high standards you’re holding everyone to and try accepting people for who they truly are, and not who you’re trying to shape them to be.


You tend to overextend yourself to others, especially those who aren’t deserving of all your kind services. Unappreciative people can make you bitter which causes you to act out. And let’s face it, you can be mean. Like, really mean.

In 2019, let go of the people or things that are taking your kindness for weakness. After a while, you’re not going to be able to blame other people for why your bitter attitude.


If you’re not complaining about this, I can bet my last dollar you’re nagging about that. You have people running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to do and find things to wow you. But it never works because you are unappeasable. You make people not even want to try anymore.

Every time you go to complain, say something positive instead, all throughout 2019. It takes some practice and getting it wrong a few times but manifestation is real and eventually it’ll stick.


You have been poking the bear and provoking people all year. You specialize in stirring the pot. Instigating comes as natural to you as lying does, which is another problem of yours. You love getting a rise out of people. People start to notice that when there’s drama, there’s a Scorpio. Then when confronted, you deny, deny, deny or just flat out lie, lie, lie!

You have to simply mind your business for 2019. This year, focus on not being in the middle of literally, everything. This way, you don’t have to lie or deny. Your focus should be on more productive things like improving your self-care regimen or finally getting that job with amazing pay.


You haven’t been practicing what you preach. All year you’ve been telling people what’s going wrong in their lives but haven’t been forth coming about the turmoil you’ve been dealing with in your own life. You make people believe that your stuff just doesn’t stink. Little do they know, it’s stinks just as bad as everyone else’s. You hold on to your deepest, darkest secret and will go great lengths to keep it that way, but will pry information out of others and then judge them as if you can’t relate.

In 2019 it’s imperative that you either stop judging people for their mishaps or reveal your own indiscretions to be fair. Just remember that when people find out all that you’ve been hiding all while you’ve been outing everyone else’s business, they’re going to be pretty pissed.


If you don’t start to control that temper and that mouth, things will end badly for you. It doesn’t take much to get you riled up and then you absolutely lose it. This is never good, because after it’s all said and done, you always tend to regret your actions.

Make meditation and prayer major for you in 2019. The only way to contain your type of anger is to become more spiritually aware of yourself and the world around you. Meditation helps you center your emotions and build up a spiritual and mental calm within yourself that eventually leads to a total change in temperament. Prayer builds a relationship with your higher power. Ask for what you want, in this case, what you need, and that’s help with your anger.


Your stubbornness has caused you to lose out on some really good people and opportunities. When your mind is made up, that’s it. There’s nothing no one can say or do to change that. This leads to you walking around with a chip on your shoulder that you will never even acknowledge is there.

It’s hard for you to open up sometimes because emotions make you feel weak. But, 2019 is definitely the year to simply allow yourself to feel. Show emotion, give love, smile, hug and be loved. Everyone will love this vulnerable side of you.


You cant keep pretending like you don’t know what’s going on around you just because you don’t want to deal with reality. Living in your own bubble doesn’t make the world stop turning. Avoiding things that are happening to and around you is a sure way to kick your 2019 off to a bad start.

Get more engaged in the world outside of your bubble. Try not to sleep life away or tune out the noise of the world. In your case, you need distractions from your own mind so you can finally see who and what is going on all around you, or the lack thereof.

What You Need To Know About Every Zodiac Sign


The zodiac consists of 12 signs relative to the months in a year. Each zodiac sign lasts for about a month hence why there are 12.

Oh, and you know how typical calendars begin in January and ends in December? Well, not in astrology! In this particular science, the very first zodiac sign begins in late March to mid April, making the year begin with the zodiac sign, Aries, not Capricorn.

So, basically when Beyonce sings “Signs” and starts the chorus with “Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini…” you better believe that astrologers everywhere cringe but sing along anyway because it’s Beyonce, duh. But really, the song should go like “Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra”

Yeah, I know. Doesn’t sound right to me either!

But anyway, the zodiac we go by, we meaning the Western hemisphere, is called the Tropical System. While there are other types of zodiacs to refer to such as the Vedic or the Chinese Astrology, the Tropical System is the easiest to understand and is most prominently used.

Each zodiac sign comes from a particular story in Ancient Greek and Roman mythology. That’s a story for a whole other post. But, the gist is that the zodiac isn’t just a random idea that some crazy lady with 17 cats came up with; there’s a story and science behind each and every sign.

Constellation Pic

Astronomically, every zodiac is just a constellation of stars positioned in a unique way that represents a particular zodiac sign such as Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, etc.

I’ve included each sign’s fundamentals, kind of like a Carfax report, but in this case, it’s a Starfax report! (You like what I did there, don’t you?)

Once you familiarize yourself with your own Starfax, you can begin to explore other signs of the people closest to you. You will see that getting to know the Starfax of other signs just as well as your own can put you at strong advantage when finding and maintaining true love, building new friendships or some cases avoiding them, bonding with your children or advancement in your career.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Symbol: The Ram

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Mars

Aries are the warriors of the zodiac. They are very competitive and make great team leaders. Because of their innate dominance, they usually wear the pants in their relationships. Because of their strong and respectable demeanor, they are very influential; people tend to think very highly of them. Aries are known for their very down-to-earth sense of humor and can make anyone laugh without even trying. But, say the wrong thing to them and you will see a side of them you never want see again; the temper on these people is simply indescribable. On the contrary, Aries can act childish when they don’t get their way, throwing fits, giving people the cold shoulder and just out right being mean. Patience is something Aries lack and can really gain a lot from.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Symbol: The Bull

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Venus

We don’t call them the bull for no reason. Taurus are very direct people. They mean what they say and say what they mean. They are very confrontational and can come at you full force, without hesitation which intimidates some people. Stubbornness is something you can guarantee to find in all Taureans. These are the kind of people that are dead set in their ways. Once their mind is made up about something, that’s pretty much it, there’s no changing it so don’t even bother. But under all that thick, stubborn skin, there is a really affectionate and dependable person who knows no bounds when it comes to love and loyalty. Although, Taureans are known for their wondering eye, they never stray for too long; they believe in foundation, structure and stability. Taurus is like the wild child of the zodiac. They purposely break rules, ignore caution and do what they feel at all times.

Gemini (May 21- June 21)

Symbol: The Twins

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

I’ve never met a Gemini who doesn’t have the gift of gab, I don’t think they exist. They use their charm and way with words to nestle their ways into your heart. These people know a little bit about everything, true braniacs. Gemini’s can be nervous and jittery so they can throw you off with their unusual tendencies, at first. But, once you finally get them to relax and get comfortable around you, you easily find that they are extremely intellectual and interesting. There’s never a dull moment with a Gemini and let me just say the turn up is real with these folks.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Symbol: The Crab

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: The Moon

The emotions that come with a Cancer are full and plenty. They literally feel everything, and have the strongest intuition which is how they make decisions and draw conclusions. There is no in-between with these people. Either you’re on their good side or their bad side. When it’s good, it’s absolutely great. There’s nothing like being in love with a Cancer. They are passionate, affectionate and have a way of knowing just what to say to get in the nooks and crannies of your heart. Cancers really know how to nurture emotions much like a mother. In fact, they are considered the Mothers of the zodiac. But like the raft of Mother Nature, when a Cancer’s feelings have been violated, all hell breaks loose and they don’t mind revealing that bitter and petty side they all have inside.

Leo (July 23 – Aug 22)

Element: Fire

Symbol: The Lion

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Leos are like the stars or celebrities of the zodiac. The way that Leos crave attention and acknowledgement makes for them to be in the lime light quite a bit. They love putting on shows with grand gestures, being extra, telling amazing stories., that sort of thing. Leos are so magnetically lively. But they are also very calculated just like the Lions they are. They are go-getters and know how to take advantage of an opportunity. These people are survivors so you can count on them to prey on you before they are ever preyed upon. They are prideful and care what others think of them, maybe even a little too much. These people are constantly in their heads, thinking and formulating, which causes their insecurities to surface often. They need attention, constant reassurance, and high regards at all times. These people want nothing but the best for themselves and will not waste their time if you fail to meet their high standards and steep demands.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

Symbol: The Virgin

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mercury

These people have the heart of gold, for the ones they love. They will give you the shirts off their backs, their last meal as well as their last cent; Virgos are naturally givers. But for the ones they don’t, beware. Virgo have a mean side that comes out after they have felt unappreciated or played with. Since they value family, traditions and stability so much, they will go to any measure possible to make sure that their loved ones are ok and have everything they need, even if that means they have to be without. They tend to be a bit manipulative when trying to get their way, but for the most part they are honest people who don’t mind showing their hand.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Symbol: The Scales

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus

Libras are known for their extremely good looks and impeccable style. People born under this sign are socialites and enjoy attending and throwing extravagant events. Libras are extremely creative and it shows through their choice of fashion, art and home decoration. Libras can be very sexual and passionate which others find highly attractive. However, their good looks can’t cover up those bratty, emotional tantrums they just love to throw. Ironically, Libras are known for their continuous quest for peace and balance, but they tend to be argumentative and unfair in some situations. They tend to throw a blind eye to the ugly truths about themselves and/or the ones they love; they have a hard time dealing with reality and would rather live luxuriously in Libra Land.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Symbol: The Scorpion

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Pluto & Mars

This sign is by far one of the most difficult to figure out. They have a unique ability to adapt and fit in amongst so many different types of people and personalities that sometimes it’s hard to decipher which traits genuinely derive from Scorpio. But, one thing any and everyone knows about Scorpios are their high sex drives. Let me tell you, that is no myth honey! The libido on these people will definitely put you to shame and make you step your game up. Scorpios are usually good with numbers and lets nothing or no one get in the way of their money. These people are definitely riders, as Drake would put it. They have your back up and down, back and forth without question when they care about you. But, any enemy of a Scorpio can tell you that they are untouchable when it comes to war. But, aside from unbeatable war tactics and sex crazes, these people have so much love and dedication to offer. It’s just hard to see sometimes, these mysterious Scorpios love to play in the dark.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Symbol: The Anchor

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Sagittarius is like that kid that always has to explore everything. They appreciate the journey of life and love to make the most of things. These people look at the glass half full, not half empty. They get bored easily so they are always trying something new to stimulate their minds. Though they’ll never admit it, Sagittarius tend to have an envious side for people who are doing better and have more than them which makes them extremely territorial and on-edge. They can be a bit selfish and self-centered, only paying attention to things or people that concern them. However, Sagittarius are very business minded and are the masters at turning opportunity into gain. Rather you believe in luck or not, Sagittarian people naturally harbor the gift of luck, things just always seem to go in their favor, one way or another.

Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 19)

Symbol: The Goat

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Family plays a big part in a Capricorn’s life. They believe in foundation and stability just like their fellow earth signs. They are very resourceful and can make something out of nothing. They think quickly on their feet and always has an opinion. Capricorns can come off as cold because they are really good at separating their mind from their emotion to make sound decisions. This is why Capricorns are considered to be the Fathers of the Zodiac, they have a very stern and judgmental demeanor. People born under Capricorn tend to have old souls, no matter their age, like they’ve been in this life before. This usually makes them a good judge of character. Capricorns are super hard-headed and prefer to learn the lessons of life on their own accord, which is why they tend to have things the toughest out of all the zodiac. Although they have a serious demeanor to people they don’t know, people who know them well know that they are really just goof balls. Capricorns live for a good laugh and are usually pretty funny their selves. They speak sarcasm pretty fluently and get off on a good, clean debate with their loved ones or even strangers, every now and then. Capricorns are the epitome of the definition of loyal. In fact, they are most often loyal to a fault and loyal to those who simply do not know how to reciprocate such honorable gestures.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb.18)

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Saturn and Uranus

Aquarius always remind me of that kid in class that’s always raising their hand that either has the answer to the problem first or they are questioning the teachers methods. That’s what Aquarians do, ask a lot of questions and ruffle feathers. These are the most analytical people you will ever meet. They treat everything like an investigation and you can bet they will get to the bottom of things each and every time. They get the bigger picture and are big dreamers. You usually can catch an Aquarian actively participating in some humanitarian movement to save the earth, the whales, fashion, something! These people love to exercise their rights and express their individuality. These people do no conforming to others people’s ideas of normal for them. Though they may not conform, they definitely know how to fit in and be the life of the party. Aquarius are heavy socializers; they always seem be in the right places at the right times.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

Symbol: The Fish

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Neptune & Jupiter

Pisces are naturally loners. They really enjoy alone time because they need that privacy to reflect and plan. They are completely analytical and borderline perfectionist. Their need to be perfect gives them anxiety, then the anxiety stresses them out. Before you know it, they have tired themselves out before they even do anything. They are their own worst enemy. All the self-doubt and fearfulness of failure tends to water down all their amazing creativity and brilliant ideas. Any friend of a Pisces knows that they are great listeners and seems to always know the right advice to give. Most times, Pisces allow others peoples problem to become their own which can add to their sensitive and sad nature. Ironically, they never take heed to the good advice they give others for their selves; Pisces are known for dealing with people who take advantage of them and aren’t the most emotionally stable. Pisces are delicate people who need positive people around who can understand their uncertainties, not judge or make light of them. They just have a problem with telling that to the people who need to really hear it.