J’Moris “RnB” EP

jmoris rnb pic

The temperature isn’t the only thing heating up Texas. Born in Fort Worth and raised in Hillsboro, rapper J’Moris is relentlessly making a name for himself, not only in his own city but up and down the east coast, and the buzz has finally made its way to the DMV.

As if his last album “Extra” wasn’t an entire vibe (which still is in heavy rotation on my playlist), he’s hit us with yet another hustle inspiring 6 song EP entitled “RnB”. But this time, J’Moris unveils a more intimate side of himself with songs like the album titled “RnB” and “Lights Down”. Let’s just say, he’s as well versed behind bedroom doors as he is in the studio ladies! (wink wink)

Nonetheless, J’Moris never forgets where he comes from and makes sure to always pay tribute through reiteration of memorable lyrics describing his upbringing like “hard life, street life made a man, sold dope to maf**kin kin” (from “Pretend”)

Jmoris Looking Left

His raw yet relaxed and intentional lyrics always seems to pair flawlessly with a well-produced, catchy trap beat that’s drizzled with a little southern drawl.

The projection in his tone demands your attention. The beat peaks your interest.  However, it’s his unique but relatable perspective that keeps you hanging on to his every word during this entire album.

Never ashamed of his struggle and addicted to his hustle, “RnB” is definitely inspiration for those on an unstoppable grind of any kind and will certainly help you “Get To The Money”  just like the title of one of the hottest songs on “RnB”.

Off the tracks, the best way to describe J’moris’s personality is humble and hungry. Just dont get his laid back demeanor and rap style confused for anything other than just that. He’s beyond aware of self and his surroundings and has learned some valuable life lessons at an early age. “Letting my emotions consume me during hard times would cause failure” he explains when asked if he’s really as calm as he let’s off.

“Everything I rap about is true” he vows. And judging by the conviction in his lyrics, it’s not hard to believe.

Things can only get better for J’ Moris and if he continues to consistently feed the strong momentum he’s building, his future is limitless. And in today’s new sound of mumble rap, J’moris’s effortless lyrical transparency is refreshing and more appreciated than he may know.